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Tower Garden


    We all know the importance of getting enough sustainable, fresh, and nutritious food in a convenient way. A practical solution more people & schools are turning to is growing their own food gardens. A vertical growing system is becoming a popular choice because it allows people & schools to grow their own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers just about anywhere they choose.


    I get SO EXCITED when their positive results tell their success story!


  • No need for soil or floor space

  • Simple to set up and use

  • No pests or soil contamination

  • Requires only 3x3 square feet of space

  • Plants grow 3 times as much compared to traditional methods

  • Only 2% of water needed compared to traditional methods

  • Made from quality materials

  • Great customer service

If you're searching for various brands of vertical growing systems, chances are the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ is on your radar. It is a self-contained vertical garden system that fits in even a small studio apartment or classroom.  The Tower does not use soil and uses only a minimal amount of water, it makes a perfect alternative to planting a traditional garden. 

 I understand that it can be disheartening perusing the produce section of the grocery store and not finding vegetables that are ripe and waiting to be eaten. The cost of organic vegetables has skyrocketed with inflation. The cost of purchasing a Hydroponic Tower Garden, seeds and plant food pays for itself in a very short time. 

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