Green Goodness

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food".


Meet Marla


I'm a grandmother of 3, Addison Joy, Noah James and Wyatt Adam. I have to admit when Addison is singing "Baby Sharkie" and she gets to the grandmother part, I see MY grandmother, NOT ME! There was a "time" when I felt older, but not now! I am in my mid 50's and feel wonderful!!! I eat a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet 95% of the time, we have to treat ourselves with the 5%, right? I literally flood my body with over 30 fruits, veggies, berries and grains by eating Juice Plus capsules and drinking a Complete smoothie 1-2 times a day. 

Not, only do I feel wonderful, I have taken my healthy back by making these simple daily changes. With Cancer running in my family, I can honestly say that is where my health was headed. I NEEDED to "take charge" of my health before it was too late. Please join with me on this journey to better health by utilizing this website to Take Your Health Back, as well.

Recently, I was asked to sit on the Board of the Patent Centered Outcomes Research Institute through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. I will be playing a critical role in helping identify solutions to minimize the reoccurrence of pneumonia and sepsis in patients. I am very excited to be a part of the solution in helping patients take steps to strengthening their immune system to fight infections.

Recipes & Tips 

One of my GREATEST joys is to make recipes and share tips that help you feel wonderful after eating. Feeling bloated, sluggish and tired are not effective in anyone's day!

Family, Pregnancy & Senior Health & Nutrition Coaching


Optimal wellness begins with having the knowledge, practical tools and accountability to make, implement and maintain healthy Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition choices. 

I LOVE working with families of all ages, pregnant & nursing mothers and Seniors, who I call Prime Timers, anyone in the "second" half of their life! I get SO EXCITED when their positive results tell their success story!


Coach Marla has been a positive addition to reclaiming my health journey.  Her interaction through the Sonic Boom app provides motivation and encouragement.  So far, we have focused on meal prep, fasting, mediation and step goals.  During our calls, she celebrates the WINS and provides encouragement and a game plan for overcoming obstacles.  Coach Marla is AWESOME!  Thank you for your support.

— Tremaine, Sr. Client Success Manager