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Herbs and Condiment

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food" 
- Hippocrates

Meet Marla
Marla is a National Board Certified Health & Resiliency Advocate who will contend for your health. As a Certified Physical and Emotional Wellness Coach, she is passionate about working with committed achievers, in person or virtually, who are ready to take charge of their life. The success of any program includes dealing with limiting beliefs that keep sabotaging our best efforts.  She works with her committed, achieving clients privately, through Grant-funded programs or through Company Health & Wellness Programs.

Marla takes a holistic approach to health by incorporating whole, plant-based foods, getting adequate sleep, using stress-relief techniques, prayer, getting daily movement and detoxing to remove environmental factors. These lifestyle routines reduce the risk of inflammation & chronic disease. Marla overcame a major sepsis infection in 2020 by healing her body naturally. She has found that combining energy work with her coaching, aids the body, soul & spirit through optimal recovery.
She presently co-leads a grant-funded program for the Parkinson’s Foundation helping her patients lead a better quality of life through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle.

Her contracted coaching & speaking engagements include Teletracking Technologies, Inc., To Life! Therapy & Fitness, Mitsubishi, VFW, Playvox, Monroeville Senior Center, C.L.A.S.S. and Sparrow Partners. Marla serves on the University of Pittsburgh Stakeholder Advisory Boards for Sepsis and Pneumonia & Post-ICU Care in Rural Communities. In addition, she serves as Treasurer for Greater Pittsburgh - National Aging in Place Council, Member of the South Hills Alliance.
She has been nominated on the National level to sit on the Technical Expert Panel on Older Adult Food Security & Malnutrition. She is a Consultant & Program Beta Tester for Living Plate RX. Marla is proud to be a contributing author with her chapter in the book entitled, “The Emperor Needs New Clothes” written by her colleague, Jeff Weinberg, M.ED., M.PH, NHA, Nationally Certified Health Care Advocate.
She would be honored to join you on your journey to greater health.
Healthy Food


“ Taking care of your own mind and health is not selfish 

it’s called self - love.” 

I want to thank you for your support.  Over the past few years, your service has been impactful in my personal and professional life.  This type of wellness offered by our company is invaluable and priceless.  Marla's coaching has provided me and my colleagues an opportunity to open up and receive support before reaching  breaking points. Many times we don’t know what type of support we need, especially during the pandemic.  Marla's methodology, accountability, and lunch and learns  provide ideas and opportunities to open our hearts and minds.  Thank You and I hope TeleTracking continues this service as it provides timely tips and options  for a work life balance.  

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